What are the benefits of being a titleholder?

Today, our state coordinator made the front page of not just one newspaper, but two. This just educated a whole region about the issues patients are often faced in rehabilitation after a sudden onset of a disability. It also elevated her platform to reach even more people, even AFTER her reign. It brought visibility to disability.

You know why this was made possible?

Because of Ms. Wheelchair Pennsylvania! Without the title of Ms. Wheelchair Pennsylvania 2018, she never would have found these opportunities to know they existed all around her! She found potential in herself, that she never knew existed! It didn’t all happen just because of the title, of course… it was a lot of hard work and dedication! You too can have this opportunity! One lady will be crowned the new MWPA 2020 in a little over a month away!!

Do you or someone you know seem like they’d be a good fit for our organization? Contact us today! We will be announcing shortly the dates for next year’s competition so you can save the dates!! Stay tuned!